Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue with Balloon by Audrey Bernard

Blue with Balloon
Mixed media
9" x 11"

One artist’s view of Spectrum Artworks:

Spectrum ArtWorks takes me out of the dumps and puts me on top of the Lighthouse! I have received assistance with my art endeavors to the extent I never imagined. I have shown my work in galleries throughout the City and last year I made enough money selling art to return home (to Jamaica) to visit my family for the first time in ten years. I also receive assistance with things ranging from doing my taxes to navigating the health care system. I have made life-long friends here, I have discovered my talent, and found my heart in my art.

Blue with Balloon is blue because…

Blue with Balloon is a piece based on one of the photographs I receive regularly from my family in Jamaica. It is of my daughter and my grandson at his kindergarten graduation. I missed all my daughters’ graduations while I was in America working hard to make a better life for her and her siblings. The image brings me joy, the way she is holding his hand, her pride in his accomplishment. The image also makes me sad, because I missed his big day; I am so far away from my family. My art connects me to my heart, to my family. Through the process of making these snap-shots into paintings, I bridge the melancholy distance.

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