Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming Out by Brad Parsons

Coming Out
Colored Pencil and Graphite
36" x 32"

One artist’s view of Spectrum Artworks:

I started coming to Spectrum ArtWorks in 2005, after a recent move from small town Kansas. I was timid and shy and had very little self-confidence. The other artists in the program inspired me with their art, but they also began to inspire me in another way. Their commitment to fight stigma, their willingness to be “out” about their mental illness gave me courage and hope. Four years later, I am proud to say I have used my personal talent to make artwork for shows and events to fight the stigma of mental illness, to educate people about homelessness and to raise awareness to issues having to do with employment discrimination against gays. I have become an advocate.
The comradery that exists within the group is therapeutic for me, as well as making me a better artist just by being exposed to all the different styles; we each take inspiration from each other making us all better artists.

Coming Out is blue because:

Coming Out is a self-portrait. I have come out of my shell; I’m getting off the lonely moon and joining the rest of the world. I am pulling myself out of the blues, no… I am skyrocketing myself out of the blues.

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