Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Art Truth, Please Recycle by Clarence Reed

Art Truth, Please Recycle
re-mixed on paper
24" x 36"

One artist’s view of Spectrum Artworks:

This is the single greatest program I have ever experienced for helping me with my mental health issues. I learn more & get more help from the people in the group then anything else thus far, although the medication keeps helping more and more.

The Art Truth, Please Recycle is blue because.. . .

I used the idea of "Out of the Blue" as being something random chance maybe. I sort of zoned out and went to work on it. It was like jumping into the ocean and swimming to the bottom. When I got back up to the surface for air this is what I found. I didn’t do any sketching or have any idea what I was going to do for this, in fact the tin squares are from cola cans that THIA had thrown into normal trash and I yelled about how we need to recycle especially since we are artists.

Side Note: Audrey Bernard revealed to me one of her methods for creating her works. I was so happy with the test print I used it for the entire background.

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