Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Vineyard- By The Fruit of Your Hands by Faye Buffington-Howell

The Vineyard- By The Fruit of Your Hands
Acrylic on canvas
21" x 17"

One artist’s view of Spectrum Artworks:

The creative process as a whole involves many factors and there are many elements to consider in pursing creative endeavors. Some of these include materials, and consistent time to work. Most important it is essential to receive encouragement and feedback from others. Spectrum is a nurturing environment for working artists but also provides motivation to finish pieces of art in a timely manner. Through the process of creating and in the presence of others self-esteem and self-confidences increase. Having the opportunity to participate in group shows with other artists at Spectrum has kept us from feeling isolated from so called “normal” society.

The Vineyard- By The Fruit of Your Hands is blue because…

This is an allegorical painting, with universal meaning. The woman is regally dressed, a motif used by artists throughout history, particularly in paintings of the Madonna. She is sitting, surrounded by vineyards, which represent prosperity of the spirit. She has an open book, which represents wisdom.

The windows are both open and closed/ both positive and negative, which represents life’s various opportunities.

The man has purposely been left “flat” with little “depth” of paint or character. He has produced no fruit and is not connected to the vine.

Of course, the viewer is free to interpret the painting in any way they wish.

As an artist, I am connected to the vine…to a community that inspires me and nourishes me. The painting may be blue, but because of my connection to other artists, I am not.

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